Acrylic/Plexiglass, Mechanical Plastics, Lexan/Polycarbonate

Superior acrylic and lexan products from thought to fabrication.

Below are some of the products and one of a kind projects we have completed for our customers, we also specialize in Shadow Boxes, Acrylic Pedestals, Brochure Holders, these can be made from Acrylic and or Lexan.We also offer fast service when it comes to just cut to size service.

Custom Shadow Boxes for your Collectibles
Acrylic Case

Custom Jersey Cases
Acrylic Case

Acrylic Case

We are not limited to Creating and building with Acrylics or Polycarbonates alone, below are some of the other products we carry, and can cut to size, machine and or fabricate to your desired end result. Please note we also carry a wide range of colors in our Acrylics, Foam PVC's & Coroplast material, also available in Acrylics are Round Rod & Tube stock:

  • Coroplast
  • Styrene's
  • Foam PVC
  • Co-Polyester

Mechanical Grade Plastics:

  • Polyethylene's such as *HDPE *UHMW *LDPE
  • Nylons
  • Acetals
  • PVC
Being Environmentally Friendly

We believe being in business brings with it a responsibility, not only to our customers and our employees, but our children and their futures, most of all the environment. We have a two step approach we use in our campaign to being environmentally friendly.

All of our waste product is recycled and does not go to the landfill site.

We will recycle your clean waste plastic sheet offcuts, and encourage you to bring them in if you have any of the following you would like to dispose of please bring it in to our location:

  • Acrylics (Colors or Clears)
  • Lexans
  • Polyethylenes (HDPE/LDPE/UHMW )